Consultancy Services

Our team is comprised of industry leading AV & IT consultants. Speak with our team about a project you need support on today.

Delivering high-quality AV/IT Solutions can be challenging for your complex projects if you lack the expertise. Even with in-house support, there will inevitably be some technical knowledge gaps for completing complex projects. With Automatic's expertise, we are able to bridge the gap and provide support you for your project.

Automatic specialises in providing experienced consulting services for projects requiring technical excellence and creative flair. Over the course of a decade, we have consulted on a range of projects for clients such as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Collingwood Football Club, Lend Lease and Little Real Estate as well as local government clients. Automatic also provide bespoke software development services and are the principle developers of the open source Nodel control system, originally commissioned by Museums Victoria.

Automatic consultancy and design principles are based on what is best for the project rather than what’s best for our bottom line. The following principles are applied to all our consultancy, designs and proposals.
• Reliability and functional simplicity.
• Flexible infrastructure and ability to deliver varied experiences
• Image and sound quality.
• Value for money.
• Create a sustainable solution for long term use.
• Employ technology and devices providing energy efficiency in manufacturing and ongoing Use.

There are many ways to meet any specification or requirement provided. Automatic will always work with our client to deliver the best solution possible including any suggestions or alternatives suggested by our client.

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