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Based in Melbourne, we are a team of passionate and experienced IT Software Developers, Engineers and Consultants. We offer a high level of customer service using innovative technology.

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Nodel allows you to connect and control everything in your space for an effortless user experience.

We offer high quality IT and AV consultancy services,

We use emerging technologies to create innovative products.


Developed by Automatic, Nodel is an open-source platform that connects digital media devices, services and systems across a wide range of environments for public display applications.

Open source

It is designed to be a lightweight, reliable and cost effective solution for managing multimedia through device control, monitoring and scheduling. It is simple to configure on almost any operating system through the network centric HTML5 user interface for both control points and general status monitoring.

THe architecture

Nodel is based on individual ‘Nodes’ that each perform a specific task. A series of nodes perform “actions” or respond to “signals” across a network to manage any programmable device. 

Scalable from one to thousands of nodes utilising minimal resources, Nodel uses a distributed architecture that has built in features for redundancy and fault handling while placing very little load on IT infrastructure.

CONNECT and Monitor

The user friendly interface can be managed and operated onsite and remotely from any web browser including mobile devices. The platform has been integrated in diverse spaces and industries including museums, galleries, sports facilities and real estate showrooms.

Nodel was developed by Automatic in partnership with Museums Victoria and first used in the First Peoples and Think Ahead exhibition located at Melbourne Museum and Scienceworks in 2013. To learn more about the Nodel application at Museums Victoria visit http://nodel.io/

Consultancy Services

Delivering high-quality AV/IT Solutions can be challenging for your complex projects if you lack the expertise. Even with in-house support, there will inevitably be some technical knowledge gaps for completing complex projects. With Automatic’s expertise, we are able to bridge the gap and provide support you for your project.

Our team is comprised of industry leading AV & IT consultants.  Speak with our team about a project you need support on today.